1. How many coupons can I use in one purchase?

ONLY ONE! You can only use one coupon in one purchase, no matter where you get the coupon code, only 1 coupon in one purchase!

2. Can I return coupons and get back my points?

NO! You CANNOT return a coupon! If you redeem your points for coupons, coupons cannot be returned.

3. Can I give coupons to others?

YES! Unless otherwise specified, you can give your coupon to anyone, everyone can use your coupon. However, in most cases, a coupon can only be used ONCE, unless otherwise specified. So if someone use your coupon, you cannot use it again.

4. Does my coupon expire?

NO! Unless otherwise specified, coupons do not expire!

5. How to earn points faster?

a. Refer your friends
b. Join our WhatsApp group and participate in weekly point mission! 
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6. How do I receive coupon?

Email! We'll send out emails containing coupon codes! If your referred friends have made a purchase, we'll notify you through emails too.

7. How does the referral program work?

Send your friends your referral link! Your friend will automatically receive a 30% OFF no limit coupon. Once your friend makes a purchase, you'll receive 100 points! 

8. Key points about referral program?

a. It only works if your friend has NOT signed up on our site, and has NOT purchased before! 

b. You only receive commission for your friend's FIRST Purchase. If your friend makes more purchase in the future, you will NOT receive commission.

c. Your friend has to make the purchase THROUGH your link! Ask your friend to SAVE your link and be sure to use the 30% OFF coupon in the referral pop-up. 

9. What should I do if I have questions?

Contact us on WhatsApp! Contact our lady Ms. Penelope on WhatsApp, +44 7593040155

10. Are there more ways to earn points or redeem points?

Yes! We'll update weekly mission, free points giveaways and even flash sale in our WhatsApp & Facebook Group. Join now!