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Fitness, as far as most people perceive it, is to achieve the effect of strengthening the body through the regular movements of the limbs, using the right sports equipment, and also having the effects of stress relief, body shaping, weight loss, fun, muscle training, and rehabilitation. But ONCROS knows that the rhythm of the body corresponds to the pulse of the soul. Only when the mind is calm, the body functions can operate harmoniously.
A teenager born in a carpenter's family came to the bustling city to find his dream. He told himself to learn a speciality to make life better. At this time, the government called for "National Fitness," and a sports atmosphere began to emerge around the world, first outdoor sports, and then indoor sports. He saw the opportunity and began to get in touch with home fitness equipment, starting from an apprenticeship, accumulating professionalism and acumen step by step, and finally embarking on the road of creating his own brand. ONCROS means "on cross", always on the road, just as we believe, fitness is an activity that accompanies a person's life, life is endless and exercise is endless.
At ONCROS, we have successively launched strength training equipment that is conducive to muscle gain; yoga and pilates equipment that is conducive to relieve stress and balance the body and mind, and aerobic exercise equipment that is conducive to fat loss and shaping. At the same time, we will also build extreme sports equipment and back gardens sports equipment. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can find fitness equipment that meets your needs on our website. Our products are easy to carry. Whether you are at home, office, garden, they are easy to use anytime, anywhere. We hope to introduce fitness into our daily life and make the goal of regular exercise within reach. We hope to bring customers a moving fitness experience and maintenance services that they can rely on for a lifetime.
With the different conditions of each customer's purpose, body shape, age, location, etc., it takes a lot of time to find suitable fitness equipment, and customers have questions about how to use fitness equipment correctly and how to obtain follow-up maintenance. If you want to train yoga, what equipment do you need? If you want to train your heart and lungs, should you choose a treadmill or a flywheel? What is the difference between men’s and women’s treadmills? Customers have a lot of questions every day, but in the end, they always find a satisfactory solution by actively contacting our service team.
For health, for beauty, for being with beloved family members, everyone exercises for different reasons. We always encourage people to pursue a healthy lifestyle. During the COVID-19 epidemic, we also help customers build their own Ideal Home Gym and help everyone find their own way of exercise.
Regardless of age and gender, it is never too late to exercise. Why not do it now?

Company Name: GrandVoyage HK Holdings Limited

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